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More Asus P5Q Pro and TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF woes


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Like other people I am having stability issues with this motherboard and getting it to work with more than one stick of RAM in it has been an exercise in frustration.


This is a newly purchased system less than two months old. Everything worked fine for about 20-30 days and then I started having stability problems.


When these problems first started cropping up the BIOS was configured to automatic for everything and it had the RAM at DDR2-800. I found out about this when I ran Memtest for the first time and thought that though incredibly unlikely the problem might've been due to the RAM running at a slower speed. As I figured, it wasn't because the problems still occurred after changing the RAM settings.


I've read the other threads about this problem and have done the following things based on advice that was posted in them:


1. Manually set speed to DDR2-1066


2. Manually set timing to 5-5-5-15


3. Manually set RAM voltage to 2.1V


4. Manually bumped the NB voltage up .2V (to 1.3V) as suggested in one thread. I have since then bumped it by .02V every time I have a stability issue and I'm currently running at 1.38V


5. Run Memtest 2.11 with Legacy USB disabled in pretty much every conceivable combination of sticks and slots that is possible. I will expand on this below.


6. Since it has not made a difference in other people's situations, I have
changed the BIOS version from the factory default one.


7. I bought the package that included the optional clip-on cooling fan. I originally did not have the fan installed but have since installed it but it has not made a difference. Either way the RAM isn't remotely hot when I've removed it after having the system powered up for hours.


More on Memtest and general stability stuff: Memtest will run for 8-10 hours and not generate an error with one stick in any of the four slots and in fact as far as I can tell the computer will remain stable until I shut it down myself on one stick.


Two sticks in either dual channel or single channel will usually pass Memtest running for 8-10 hours. It seems to be that I don't start getting errors or blue screens until after 16-18 hours of uptime.


I get these issues regardless of whether I'm running single or dual channel though it seems that it's slightly more stable running single channel but that could just be me.


It also seems that the computer has become a bit more stable as the NB voltage has been increased but this could also be my imagination. Nevertheless I am reluctant to increase the voltage much more above 1.4V.


I'm pretty much at the point now where I am going to buy a different motherboard but figured I would post and see if you had any other things to try.


Thanks for your time.

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Same thing here, but i am using a P5KPL/1600.


From all i saw on the internet, i guess our main problem is that we cant change our command rate to 2t. Even with spd settings it goes as 1t. Checked it with CPU-Z, you should check it too

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