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EVGA Classified, I7 920, Dominator GT 2000


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What settings should I use in BIOS to get the 3X2 GB dominator GT 2000 to operate at 2000MHz at 7 8 7 20 1T as specified. I am unable to get anywhere near this. I thought I should be able to use 2:10 with a Bclk of 200 to give me a clock of 4.2 Ghz.


I was using Mushkin Redline 6 7 6 18 1T with no problems stable at 4.2 Ghz(2:8 with 200 Bclk and 21 multi) with 1.31v vcore. With the Corsair I am unable to raise the Bclk past 158 at 2:10 which gives me a clock uf a little under 3.3 before it crashes. Is it possible Igot a bad stick? Should I try to run them one at a time or does this memory just not overclock welll with a 920?

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