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CMX1024–3200C2 errors

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CMX1024–3200C2 errors

(I got a pair of 1024 Gb each so totally 2048 Gb)


For about 4 years my PC is running more or less without any troubles.

Didn’t use overclock settings but default BIOS mobo settings.

Now I get into troubles that my PC won’t start anymore. First I thought it where my hard drives. I took them out and put them in another PC (by using a SATA docking station). No troubles found.


Than I started some experiments, taking out one memory module of two totally, and using Memtest 86

Afterwards switching the memory module with the other one and do the testing again.


One of the memory modules do have many ten thousands of errors (over 200,000). The other one none, even after 13 total passes!! Using that faulty free memory module only, the pc is booting and running without any troubles again.


So I suppose one of those memory modules is faulty in meanwhile of using it.

I have some questions.

- Reading factory specs I see these memory modules do have lifetime warranty. Can I send it in and get another back, or has it to be replaced by two modules (it is a pair).

- How long does it take sending or has it to be replaced by European (German ?) support center. (I am living in Holland).


Afterwards when I get a new module, can I eventually put some extra memory to the other 2 memory slots, or has it less use? XP is only using 3 Gb of 4 installed, but if I put 2 extra modules of 512 Gb, it is not symmetrical anymore. Also the mobo do run in a more slow way (Asus A8R-MVP mobo).

I am using the PC for photo processing, so some more memory is useful for me.


Can you give some extra information what to do, and the procedure.

Thank you.

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