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CX400W + New Graphics card not POSTing


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Hi there,


I recently bought a new graphics card (GeForce 9600gt) and a new power supply to go with it (CX400W). Everything I read indicated that it would be strong enough to power the card; it met the recommended wattage and exceeded the 26Amps required on the +12V rail. All the power calculators indicated that it should be enough for my system.


However, when I try to install the card and turn the pc on the card's bios flashes up momentarily, then flashes off, then on again a couple more times and then the power cuts out suddenly. I've checked all the connectors, the 6-pin connector is in, the card is seated and the computer works fine with the new PSU and my old graphics card (a GeForce 8500) in.


Have I undershot the power requirements here? It doesn't seem like a fault with the PSU since it works fine with the old card. The new card has been tested and works fine in another computer as well.


I greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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