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ASUS Rampage Formula & 2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-9136C5D


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Hi all.


I think I said everything in the tittle.


I had an evga n680i running fine with 2 pairs of Twin2X2048 9136c5d

and I already know that only 3 Go are only detected by Vista 32bit.


But I've just sent my mobo to RMA cos it had the well known C1 and 1d post problem (one of the #1 122CK NF68 users problem).


Now I've got an ASUS Rampage formula and I don't know if my sticks would be able to run on it.


I've seen a Corsair Labs test report for this mobo with my CPU (E6850) 2 stick of 2Go 8500CDF running at 1140 with timing 5 5 5 15 voltage 2.1

CPU FSB 1367 , running at 3077 Mhz with a VCore 1.3


My sticks are 1142 Mhz 5 5 5 15 voltage 2.1 and these values are very near with the 1066 overclocked ones


Do you think it would work? this way?


Maybe someone tried before?


Do you think It's better using my sticks like 1066 Mhz sticks or trying to reach the 1200 Mhz (some reach 1240 Mhz stable)??


In other topics 've look at Ramguy answers that says that with 4 sticks speed must be downgrade, would 1066 Mhz for 1142 Mhz stick would be enough?


NB : I've got 4 X 1024 Mo


Please help I don't want to brake something


Sorry for my poor english :!oops:

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Have you received a resolution to this problem?


I had a Striker Extreme board that gave out on me and decided to abandon the NVIDIA chipset returning to Intel X48 in the form of an Asus Rampage Formula.


Decided to reuse my components: CPU (QX6700), Video Card (eVGA 8800GTS), and memory (DDR2-9136), but could not get the board to POST. System would continue to halt and LCD Poster would read: DET DRAM. Many forum posts would specify removing the RAM and using slower memory from QVL. I tried a pair of TWIN2X2048-6400C4 and they worked like a charm.


I manually set the PC2-9136 sitcks in the BIOS and could get them to POST and ran fine. Next morning system would not boot again. Replaced the stiks with the PC2-6400's an everything was fine.


My questions are:


Why won't the PC2-9136 sticks boot up?

Why must they be set manually if programmed with SPD timings?

What should be the correct settings for my system?

What should I expect for max reachable speed while retaining stablity?


Appreciate your help...

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