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Hey Guys,


I've been having issues for a while with my system randomly failing to post, all I get is a ghosted image of the windows bar and the windows corporation copyright stuck on my screen. I thought it was my graphics card, but after a lot of searching I think it's my memory (I should have bought corsair like I always have before), not that the memory I have is faulty, it's been tested on other systems and I've used memtest, but it may be incompatible even though the memory is supposedly compatible, or so the company says.


Anyway, the issue appears to be that the motherboard doesn't like ram with chip sizes of 128m (or so it says in the most recent manual I read for the board), so I was hoping that someone could advise me of some good Corsair memory that would work on my Asus P5kc that runs at 800mhz and doesn't come with 128m chip sizes. I've looked at the compatible Ram using the memory finder on the corsair site, but a lot of the specification sheets don't say the sizes of the chips on the Ram; ideally I'd like to put 2x2gb in there but otherwise I was looking at TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX, can anyone tell me what configuration they come in?


Many thanks,


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I would suggest if you want 4 Gig to go with Twin2x4096-6400C5DHX as the best choice for that MB and all of our modules at this time with a few exceptions will be made with 128M X 8 Memory IC's and should be compatible with any Intel chipset that supports DDR800.
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