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Asus A8V and CMPSU-550VX?


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I am considering upgrading my video card to a:


SAPPHIRE 100228L Radeon HD 3850


In order to use this card, I need to upgrade to a new PSU, and I was considering the:




The one thing I want to make sure of is, would this PSU work with my current motherboard? It's kind of an oldie, so I wanted to make sure before I purchased and found out something doesnt work.


Asus A8V Motherboard


Updating the whole machine (Motherboard, Processor, PSU, Memory, GPU) is an option I would like to avoid because it is much more expensive to do so.

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I cant get that link to come up, but the MB should be or use ATX 2.03 or newer Spec for the PSU and as long as it will then our PSU will work fine with the MB. However, the oldest MB we have tested would be based on a NForce chipset like the A8N-SLI MB.
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