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Asus P5Q Pro and TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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Hi Guys,


I havent included my system specs as my posts here will generally be for systems that I have built rather than my normal systems. Having said that, in the 5+ years I have been pretty much exclusively using corsair RAM and PSUs I've not needed to question the functionality of any of your products.


I am fairly certain I have a single dodgy stick from this 4GB matched pair. I thought it prudent to check here before I enter into the RMA process.


Memtest86+ has been failing (although not 100% of the time, hence my slight uncertainty) pretty catastrophicly in every test for this one stick. Its been in the primary yellow slot on each channel, but not every slot so far. I have risen the ram voltage, NB voltage, and SB voltages slightly with no improvements. The timings are 5-5-5-18 by SPD (although stock according to the sticker is 5-5-5-15).


Is there anything else I should be trying BIOS wise? Its been a while since I have had time to seriously play with BIOS settings and overclocking (since socket A days) and I feel like i have lost touch some what.


Thanks in advance



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Hi Mike,


Yes I am using the latest version from the memtest site. I downloaded it on Tuesday morning.


I will check the legacy USB settings and give it another try, and report back.


They symptoms are typically random. OS boot failures, BSODs, file corruptions, etc in both Win 7 beta (I must d/l the RC) and XP pro SP3.

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