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Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P and TW3X4G1600C9D


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Hi to everybody.I'am having issue with my corsair memory and this board.It's default the ram at 533mhz and i've tried everything to make it run at 667mhz but it fails within seconds entering the os.Let alone 800mhz.I know this ram is not on the gigabyte official list but i got a good combo deal including the board,ram and cpu.I've built a few systems and always was able to increase the ram frequency even on value ram.I've played with all the settings in the bios including the voltage,i've tried the settings from a previous thread in this forum as the guy said he managed to make the ram run at 800mhz with the same board,but doesn't work for me.I've read that am3 memory controller support 667mhz natively and i don't want overclock the cpu yet as i'am using stock cooler.I don't care about 800mhz but 667 would be nice.Any help woul be appreciated.Thank you.
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