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are these real or fake


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Hi , I am a supplier in Ireland of usb flash drives and have been a big fan of corsair as they always have high quality products and great customer support.

I have been buying threw a wholesaler here and Have decided to go direct to china from now on in .

I have found a site on http://www.alibaba.com and was wondering if they are copies or not, they have shown me a cedrtificate of authenticity but I would like to check with the experts first , here is the link http://zch.en.alibaba.com/.

It would be great to hear that they are genuine but also not unrealitic to think there not, thanks for any info in advance and look forward to your post thanks.


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The Corsair Voyager doesn't come as 128 GB yet?


I don't think they have 1GB or 2GB models.


The picture of the GT doesn't look to be the right shape.


Corsair do not publish read or write speeds.


If the speeds were as stated; they would surely be published?


I'll look forward to Ram Guy's comments.


My regards

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