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Vx450 burnt cables

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Hello, I purchased VX450 PSU 4 months ago, It was connected to AMD 4200+ system and it almost started a fire when I connected it to a working floppy drive, I put it in a right way, but it smoked my floppy and it fried it's closed cables, like in this picture here:


The store replaced me the PSU, but today they called me and asked me to return them the PSU they replaced me as the distributor does not want to replace my unit.

I payed about 100$ here (where I live) and I supposed to have 5 year full warranty, please let me know what can I do, or maybe you can ask this distributor to replace the unit, link to distributor's website:


link to the store where it was purchased:


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Let's get it replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it.


Another thing, the PSU may be ok, except the burnt wire, I can cut those, but I don't want to void the warranty, I can also put a sellotape(for wires), but I am not sure that's a very good solution as the meted wires may touch each other inside and I'm not sure I'll be able to separate them enough.

If cutting the melted wires won't void my warranty at corsair, I may do that in order to avoid replacement. In the store they told me that I can cut the wires carefully and it won't void the warranty, as the warranty is mainly for the inside of the PSU.. u see I know that manufacturers try to void the warranty for every little thing they can, as it happened with this distributor that refuses to replace the unit according to the store. I really think that's very bad that such things occur and people who pay a lot more than on newegg, need to spend money on shipments and wait without a working PSU(without it the system is down).

I purchased corsair PSU as all reviews and people on forums like em very much, don't tell me that if anything happens we don't have proper warranty in Israel and we'll have to send abroad, this is an outrage and I'm sure a lot of people will think twice before purchasing corsair PSUs in Israel, especially when CD-LOG is the distributor and almost anyone who was dealing with them, had issues with warranty, they know how to sell and they are very nice when you buy, but when it comes to replacements, forget it. (I'm sure the mighty Corsair can shake them a little bit, at least more than the store owner who sold me the PSU)

CD-LOG always blame GOD , so they won't have to deal with RMA - I really don't like to spill dirt, but the manufacturer should know what's going on, AND THE MOST ANNOYING PART, IS THAT I RECOMMENDED VX450 TO A LOT OF PEOPLE, I don't mean is that the PSU is bad, but if our warranty is not in Israel, especially not in a store we buy it in, that's very very very bad, I payed 40$ more for corsair's quality&warranty.


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Do NOT open it or cut it in any way! That will void the warranty. He was confused, as when you showed a cable sans power supply, he (like I did) thought it was a modular PSU and overlooked the part number.


Most likely the closest official Corsair RMA depot to you would be in the Netherlands. I'm sure Corsair will talk with the distributor to see why they denied the RMA.

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The reason is the picture shown would suggest it may have been improperly plugged in and that would not be covered under warranty.

And the cable that you show in the picture is the Floppy adapter cable and if that is the only cable that is burnt like I said we can replace that cable and the PSU is most likely fine.

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