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Warranty questions about PSU

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I registered because the Warranty page is not clear. I mean this one :



Indeed, this page say that « The 1000HX, 850HX, 620HX & 520HX, TX and VS Series of Power Supplies have a 5 year warranty. The 450HX, 750HX & 850W have a 7 year warranty ».


Ok, but in some sellers websites, I can read that the 850HX, for exemple, has a 7-Year warranty, sometimes confirmed by a PDF file who seems coming from Corsair.


But at corsair.com, it is written 5 years.


I thank about the "Professional Series", like the 450HX. This would explain this curiousity, but the 450HX is reported as 7-Year in the warranty page AND the 450HX overview page. In the warranty page, there is no reference about the "Professional Series" and the models who are covered.


Also, what is the "850W" who have the 7 year warranty ?


The warranty page is not clear, and so I hope for some answers :)



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  • Corsair Employees

All of our PSU's have a 5-year warranty with these exceptions.

CX Series has 3 Year warranty

Professional HX series has 7 year warranty

And HX450, HX750, and HX850 all are the Professional series and have a 7 year warranty.

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