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TR3X6G1600C9 on Asus P6T Deluxe V2 won't boot properly


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Hello everybody,


I installed 3x2GB RAM modules on my mainboard.

When I power up the sytem the screen remains black which means: no posts no beep, the fans turn. After hitting the reset button the pc boots up properly.

This does not happen if the DRAM frequency is set 1066 MHz. The problem also occurs when just one module is installed.

I chose the correct timings - 9 9 9 24 and 1.64 for the DRAM Bus and 1.35V for the QPI/Core voltage according to the XMP profile.

mt211.exe tested the RAM successfully and all 6GB of RAMs are recognized - even at 1600MHz (after pushing reset)

What's the problem here?


Best regards


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First try setting QPI/Core voltage @ auto, reboot and see if that helps.

Leave all the other options unchanged and I mean:

Manually enter: 9-9-9-24, vdimm @1.64v, mem freq @ 1600 MHz, QPI/Core voltage @ auto.

Also check if you have the latest bios version installed.

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