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Motherboard recommended to run it at 2000 CAS8 with XMP?


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This is my firs post in this forum!


I want to buy TR3X6G2000C8GTF modules and i have some questions.


This memories come with XPM,this is compatible with all X58 motherboard?I want to say if it should run perfect in any motherboard wich has XMP do not?


I undestand that XMP means that the memory is overclocked by itself,is this correct?


But i have seen some problems with this memories that can not work at 2000mhz CAS8 ,like XMP profile says,why?Should i have to overclock my CPU to get it?


Could you recommend me some motherboard wich does not need to overclock CPU to run this memories at 2000 CAS 8?


An another question,what chips has this memories?


Sorry for my bad English



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XMP is just an extension of SPD. This means that they will work in any DDR3 system. They aren't overclocked.


2000 Mhz memory is pretty much only for people who are overclocking their system. Currently no system will run memory this fast by default.


If you do not want to overclock anything then I would recommend getting slower memory.

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OK,thank you for the aclaration.

I will overclock my i7 920 D0 to 4Ghz.What motherboard could you recommend me about 300USD for this dominator GT on a 4Ghz more or less i7?

I like Bloodrage but i would want to know what could be your recommendation please

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