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CM2X1024-5400C4Pro Compatibility

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I need to add to my RAM which is currently a matched pair of CM2X1024-5400C4Pro units.







I am soon to have a new server so this is temporary so the cheapest solution possible whilst still making the upgrade worthwhile is what I am looking for as I will be giving the PC away in due course to someone who can't affford one.


I don't understand if I can mix types when I am having trouble sourcing this original ram and I actually purchased by mistake a matched pair of CM2X1024-6400 units





XMS2 6400


I am presuming I would not be able to add these but if I swapped them would this be worthwhile?


Thanks for any advice please.


The PC is a Barebones Shuttle SD37P2 v1 about 3 years old running server 2003 and the replacement I am waiting for needs a non existant bios update to utilize DDR3 so I have to wait on that before upgrading.

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You are welcome to try them since you already have the modules but with 4 modules you may be limited to DDR533 MHz.


Thanks for the advice, I was mainly worried I would foul up the PC but if its only a quality drop, I can live with that no problem.


I will get some benefits I presume?

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