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Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 RAM problem?

Bald Wombat

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Dear All,


I have searched this forum (and others) trying to find the answer to this problem. Some answers come close but after tweaking my settings a few times I am still having problems. So any advice would be gratefully accepted.


The problem is that I get false starts at boot up. Usually only cold. Firstly, doesn't even POST at all, shuts downs, waits and re-boots. Second time gets to checking RAM, usually too quick for me to see when, but then re-boots again. Third time re-boots OK. There have been many different variations on the same theme over the last six months or so.


Some comments and things I have tried:


1. This may be a big issue but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer. I am running this RAM, TW3X4G1600C9DHX, on a 32 bit OS. However, I had the same problem when I was running 64 bit Vista.


2. Flashed BIOS to F4, loaded Optimised defaults. System crashes sometimes BSOD, then


3. Tried to tweak my memory settings, as this is where I thought the problem was, by manually setting 9,9,9,24 and 1.8V in Bios. Still crashes. No overclock at all.


4. Yesterday I overclocked the processor to 1600 FSB. Pushed up the FSB Voltage to 1.2V and MCH to 1.25 V. Now boots as described above. Has not crashed yet and temps 40 - 50 degrees.


5. Tried getting some information from CPU-Z but doesn't make much sense to me as it seems to be reporting CPU changes I made in Bios and reports DRAM frequency as 800. BUT, the SPD tab has me stumped. It reports Max Bandwidth as PC3-8500F (533MHz) and the timings table below it is centred around that. I have read somewhere that CPU-Z reports "nominal" boot frequency, but this would seem to suggest 1066, is this right? Shouldn't it be 667 for my processor?


6. I also read somewhere that the cold boot might be because I need more CPU voltage at start-up so I pushed this up to 1.3V.



So, as you can read I am a confused mess. I have a working computer but still don't know how to set it up properly and I am worried about the persistent cold boot problem. I don't really want to run overclocked if it's not necessary. But if it's OK then I will obviousle need some guidance there.


Please be gentle with me, I am new at this!


What I would really like is some methodical process that I could follow, step by step to trace the "fault". I don't mind putting the time in but I feel like I am stumbling around in the dark.


Thanks in anticipation.



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First thing with Intel chipsets you cannot run the memory faster than the CPU FSB and most likely why it ran more stable when you over clocked the CPU.

Second thing The modules SPD has to be set to something the MB can post at with default voltage IE DDR1066 at 1.5 Volts. So that is normal, the tested settings would need to be manually set.

Third thing the programs like CPU-Z will show the actual clock frequency IE DDR1600 is running at 800 MHz and because it is double data Rate it is 800 MHz X 2 =- DDR1600. So that is correct also.

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Thanks Ram Guy. I realise that my post was not all that clear so maybe I will ask some simple questions one at a time?


1. My memory, TW3X4G1600C9DHX, referrring to the website and product information doesn't say anything about not being functional under a 32bit OS. When I look at the installation leaflet it says ".... designed for PC's featuring 64 bit OS. Installing 4GB onto PC's with 32 bit OS is not advised nor supported under warranty" So, have I voided the warranty? If so I feel that this limitation was not readily accessible when I purchased the RAM.


2. CPU-Z reports the RAM as PC3-8500F, which is 533 MHz, right? This is consistent with the fact that when my PC boots the memory is recognised at 1066. This is after I've cleared CMOS, booted to defaults etc. Can you tell me why? Is my memory being recognised by the BIOS as 1033? If so why?


I'll leave it at that for now and ask more when I understand these two answers.


Thanks again,



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OS has NOTHING to do with the memory. It can't tell what OS you're running. All that meant was that with a 32 bit OS you won't be able to use all 4 GB due to limitations of the OS.


Your 2nd question was answered before you posted it. Are you still having issues?

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