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X58 Platinum and workaround to install 3 pairs of TW3X4G1333C9DHX


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Hello all, I have bought in the past Intel i7 920 and X58 platinum m/b. Due to financial reasons I got only 1 memory kit TW3X4G1333C9DHX of 4 Gb and installed it.

The computer worked fine. Later on, I decided to increase the memory and bought another kit that I installed on the other channel so I have 8 Gb Ram working. Yesterday I got another kit. Problem started when I tried to fill in the last Ram slots.

The computer will not POST.

Before you start telling me to get the 3x kits, a thing that I know it will solve the problem I wanna ask if I can walk around this problem my lowering the voltage from 1.6v (dual channel 1333 operation) to 1.5v (1066 operation). I am at the ofice at the moment so I cant really try it.

Has anyone done anything similar? Do you think this might work? It a pity to have another kit unused and I cant afford buying new memory modules :(

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