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TWIN2X4096-8500C5 unstable in Prime95


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I have a TWIN2X4096-8500C5 set of memory modules that only run stably at 800MHz... (FSB/DRAM Ratio [1:2])

If I manually set them to 1066MHz (FSB/DRAM Ratio [1:2.66] 5-5-5-15 2T 2.1-2.2V), they fail Prime95 blend test and my system is unstable.

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With the CPU you have it will not support DDR1066 you would have to set the memory at DDR800 and over clock the CPU to get more than DDR800. Only Phenom CPU's support DDR1066 memory sorry!
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Sorry RAM GUY, but I think that you don't have a right...

Look at AMD site: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_9485_13041%5E13076,00.html

I know that normal AMD X2 CPU don't support 1066 - it's depend from socket - not from "phenom". Normal AMD x2 CPU have AM2 socket (max DDR-800), but 7750+ have AM2+ socket same like Phenom and support DDR21066

"PC2 8500 (DDR2-1066) - (X2 7000 series ONLY)" whay? because they have AM2+ socket...



Everything works fine when I use: Patrriot PVS24G8500ELKR2 4GB Kit PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066MHz) Viper Series: http://www.********memory.com/products/specs/PVS4GB_1066MHzR2-v2.pdf

(FSB/DRAM Ratio [1:2.66] 5-5-5-15 2T 2.1-2.2V) work excellent and support over clock the CPU to get up to DDR1146

Why Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5 have a problem with FSB/DRAM Ratio [1:2.66] 5-5-5-15 2T 2.1-2.2V ? - I don't know...

Maybe it is depend from memory version - I have V3.1 and I have read that with V4.1 everything is OK.

Do you know about that?

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