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QUAD2X4096-8500C5DF Problem

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Hiya, I am having a problem with my quad kit 1066mhz memory.


I have been experiencing non booting and blue screens over the last day or so, so i have ran memtest and found that 1 stick is failing, the other 3 pass no problems when tested


The kit is a Quad Kit of 4 x 1GB Memory Sticks, all with matching serial numbers.


The sticks are been run at SPD setting in my bios, which is running them at 1066mhz mode, CPU is running at stock speeds, pretty much everything is running at auto settings.


The problem is that i don't have the original packaging for the ram, nor the original receipt for the purchase, and i am also located in the UK, so i am wondering if there is anything you can do for me in reguards to replacements, and ifso what i would need to do as i way of packaging them up and such?


Any advice would be most appreciated.


Mr Cordwell

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