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Pointers needed for overclocking my ram

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I've gotten my core i7 920 clock speed to 3.99 stable and have run memtest overnight with no failures. also ram prime stress test overnight (two running simutainiously) passed tests. Im running air cooling- HAF case and coolermaster V8. getting the V10 next tuesday. cound definately use some tips to tweak my memory modules. I'm not sure where to start for changing timing and such. This is my first build and i'm new when it comes to overclocking. thanks ;):

enclosed is screenshot of cpu-z


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well, after some reading and some trial and error, I've got my timings tightened up a bit to 7-7-7-20. I was actually able to get the RAS# ACT time down to 13 but took it back up to 20 because thats what I saw someone else had theirs set to also. Im not sure what command rate does. Default setting is 2N. i changed it to 1 and 3 but I'm not sure what it does and didnt notice any differance so I just left it at 2.


I'm currently running my core i7 920 @ 4.0 GHz

Asus p6t deluxe

Ai OC tuner=X.M.P.

cpu multiplier=21


PCIE freq=100

DRAM freq=1531MHz

CPU volt=1.35

CPU PLL volt=1.98

QPI/DRAM core volt=1.35

DRAM bus volt=1.66


Everything else is set to auto.


Any suggestions/advice would be greatly apprieciated

Thanks- Bob

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