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Can the TX650 handle this...?


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Hi, I recently bought a new TX650 to power my system.


My question is, if in the future I would like to go SLI (add another GTX260 card) can this PSU handle it?

The box says it can (though still does not answer my question as it could handle 8600GT SLI but not GTX260)

There is only 2x 6pins PCIe power conector (I assume if It can handle it, then its safe to use the molex adaptor?)

In case it can, and I do upgrade, will I have any warning that the PSU cannot handle it before it does something radical such as catching fire or burning my Motherboard??

Thanks for help/...

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i do not know how to select dual card in the PSU finder, and if I select only 1 card it recomends me 420W-500W psus


Once you select the type of video card you should be able to enter a quantity of cards right below.

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