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TR3X6G1600C8D running single channel only


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Hello all,


I just built this system and I can not get the RAM to do anything but run in single channel using only 2 sticks.

(sticks are in A1 and A2 slots, first black and orange set closest to the CPU)It does show up as running at 1600 though.


If I try to add the third stick in any other slot but the next one in line (B2) it will not post at all. No beep, no nothing.

I have tried adding that third stick in all the other slots, but get nothing. When I add it to the third slot, it will post, but it only shows up as having 4GB installed.


I have tried following the advice here:


and here:



I have also tried different settings, such as XMP on/off, with and without extra modifications, total manual settings and total "auto" settings and just about everything in between.


I have tested each stick individually and as sets of two using the newest Memtest 86+, and they all pass with flying colors.


I am not totaly computer stupid, but I have been out of the scene for a while so maybe technology has passed me by. But I just can not seem to get this RAM working.


I would be extremely happy if I could just get this RAM to run at 1333 speeds in triple channel mode like Raubritter did in his post.(the second one listed above) But I can not get this thing to do anything but run in single channel.


Can ANYONE give me any advice or direction??


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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