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Corsair flash voyager 64gb, Coaxing it to work?


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Hi there.



I have here a 64gb flash which I purchased less than 6 months ago from Amazon and has up until yesterday been working superbly. However, yesterday it didn't give any response upon being plugged into a new USB port after having worked no less than half an hour previously. I tried it in a number of different computers, including one(s) that it had just previously been working in.


I have followed the troubleshooting steps as best I can, the only one I can think could be done more efficiently is cleaning the contacts, but other than blowing out the usb connector I'm not sure what else I could try there. Most likely I will be sending an RMA request very soon, but here is my problem.


I was not expecting my flash drive to die on me so suddenly, so I havn't backed up my data recently. Anything previous to those 6 months I can easily replace from my old, much smaller flash drive, and I could probably find copies of about half of my university work if I try. However, the other half is recent university work and my final assignment(s) hand in date is Friday the 22nd of May. So what I want to ask is, is there any possible way at all that I could coax my flash drive (CMFUSBHC-64GB Flash Voyager USB Drive) into responding to being plugged in one last time before I send it off so that I can recover all of my files? Or would it be possible to ask for my data to be transfered over to the replacement when I send it in?



Thanks for any help or suggesgions.

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