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TWIN2X4096-8500C5 Config 1066mhz


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Hi everybody. I wanna configure TWIN2X4096-8500C5 mems manually in BIOS to reach 1066mhz, but i dont know what should i configure exactly... can anybody help me ?


thank you.



PD: I saw another post similar to this one, but i cant find a lot of options mentioned there.


Some photos to guide you; what im doing wrong ?













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You can try by setting the memory frequency manually in your BIOS to run at DDR1066 and set the memory Voltage to 2.1 Volts or if there is a setting call SLI Ready memory just enable it.
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Thank you RAM GUY, I had put mems to 2.1V and SLI Ready Memory to "High Frequency" (there was another option, "Optimal") and now it seems to be working at 1066mhz. :biggrin:




Anyway, after rebooting, a strange error appear about Nero.


"NeroCheck :


The LowerFilter or UpperFilter registry key for CD-ROM was containing incorrect drivers.

It has been corrected.


You must reboot your computer in order the changes are effective.


Until then, you may not be able to access your CD-ROM drives."


Ill reebot again now to see what happen, but i think recent changes i had made have a relation with this.

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Today, I had a strange problem with memory. A BSOD with a common error:




0x000000A1 (....)


I had read in another forum that may be the power supply, but i dude about that, because 600w Thermalthake its okay for my hardware i think. Anyway, I will run MemTest to see the results. Maybe I could change "SLI Ready Memory: High Performance" to "Optimal" at BIOS screen, but i dont know if it could be related. Any idea ? I will post MemTest's results later.

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OFF: yep sorry for my english, it's "quite" noob (im argentinian) :p:


ON: Can't done Memtest. It always freezes at different parts (61%, 91%). I had tried putting one module per time but again, it freezes :confused:

I had tried also with a Corsair Value Select VS1GB667D 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 taked from another PC but it still freezes (I am sure that one works perfectly, because it never gave me problems). Anyway, this problem didn't appeared again, so i think if memories are damaged, this BSOD should appear more frequently.

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