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XMS2 with Asus P5N73-AM


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Hi All,


I have 2 XMS2 Corsair DDR2 800 Mhz modules (PN: CM2X1024-6400G) installed in an ASUS P5N73-AM motherboard.


The computer runs very well, except that it can't resume from S3 mode, a feature I use intensively: the computer just hangs and I get a black screen.


However the computer can resume from S1 (POS) and S4 ( Hybernation) without problems.


What is the recomended setup for this board ( I couldnt find it in the Memory Configurator). I tried the SPD configurations 5-5-5-18 and also with the other default configuration, but I have no luck in waking the pc from S3 mode.


I dont know if there is a problem running these memories at 1.8V, which seems to be the default voltage in these boards: I don't think I have an option to increase the dram voltage: I only see a 1.8V Dual OverVoltage Control in the Award Bios and I have no idea of what it means or how to use.


Thanks in advance,


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