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8gb flash voyager faulty?


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hi, i just purchased a brand new 8gb flash voyager pendrive from my local retailer and quickly noticed that its write speed was much slower than that of an old rubbish 4gb from another manufacturer and thought maybe something was wrong.


so i searched these forums for any info and tested the drive using hd bench which showed my read speed to be 15mb and 5.5mb write speed, using the 100mb option ofcourse, the image showing this should be attached.


unless i did not do my homework well, these are very very slow speeds but i just wanted to confirm this officially.


this was all done on a macbook in xp in bootcamp, although i dont think this makes any difference since my other pendrive achieved almost double the speed using the same laptop and program




*** edit

i would also like to add that this test was done after formatting using windows cmd prompt!


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I am sorry but that is about normal for the current 8 Gig Flash Voyager, you are welcome to try a RMA if you like but the new drives will write at about the same speed
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