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RMA the whole pair or single stick ?

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I bought a pair of TWIN3X40961600C7DHXIN G (2x2GB) which started to behave "weird". Motherboard not posting, performance drop when running memory intensive tasks etc.. Happens quite random and when it does, I have to poweroff / on again.


I run a memtest and it fails on several passes.


Do I have to find out which of the two sticks has a fault even though they came in a pair (i.e. running memtest with just one stick) or is the whole pair RMAd ?


I think it is probably good practise to have the same "batch" of sticks running but I thought I rather ask.

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That should not be a problem but you will want to use the Case ID from the first post in this thread.

POST ID # = 400463


Mmm... I opened an RMA request on Sunday using 400585 I THINK ... shall I open another one ?


Also, how long does it normally take for the RMA department to respond ?

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