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Differences between the CMFUSB2.0-16GBGT and the CMFUSB2.0-16G GT


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Can someone please explain the difference between these 2 corsair gt 16 gb drives I understand the CMFUSB2.0-16GBGT is the new one


What are the differences is it performance , durability or chipset ?


Thanks Mick

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Hi Ramguy


I might have the part numbers confused if I have I am sorry about that. I have asked this question as I have a corsair 8gb gt. now I know the first 16gb gt was realeased it was slower because the chipset or memory chips were sourced from some where different than the 8gb gt. So ... I was wondering if the new 16gb gt will be faster than the old one or even faster than the 8gb gt I currently own.


I apologize if I have misled anyone with the model numbers :sunglasses


Just found this



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No the 16 GT both the new and old version are almost the same build so the performance will be close to the same.


Aie ! Believe the new will be much faster than old FV 16 GT . According lot of people who bought the old , speed write is too low .


it is a bad new for me :greencry:

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