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Hx620 psu rma

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My other (having already returned one for my main rig) HX620 has gone wrong, giving me a bluescreen, then lockups, then no POST, then altogether failure, complete with a bang this morning. The death took about a day overall.


This is a similar problem to my other returned item unfortunately. The RMA was fast and easy last time, as usual I got a new retail unit which hsa been working fine in my main rig. However it looks like postage for this is going to cost between £20 and £30 as i'm in the UK. (I assume it still goes to Holland?)


My question is, will corsair cover the costs of my second RMA for the same product or do I need to front this? I'm doubting whether it's worth it to get back another HX620, my confidence in them is somewhat shot now, which is a shame, as they're clearly good PSUs apart from this issue.


I'm thinking perhaps it's the same problem, both PSUs are older models and I reckon there's probably been a few changes made since I bought these.



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I am sorry but that is not a question we can really answer in Tech Support I would suggest getting your RMA number then call in and talk with our customer service about both questions and see what they can do. Please call them at 888-222-4346 Ext "3".
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I have already made a thread asking about whether postage costs can be reclaimed since this is the 2nd unit that has failed on me, I understand I need to call customer services for that.


Contrary to the earlier thread though, the unit is not fully dead. The symptoms are a loud pop when it is turned on sometimes, often when it has been disconnected from the mains for a while. This happens in various locations in the same house and in others, though the unit will then continue to perform perfectly after that.


However, today I heard the same pop when voltage is applied to the unit by turning on the plug, but this time saw a flash from inside the unit too. The PSU still seems to function perfectly fine, though there is clearly something wrong with it.


Would this be sufficient grounds for an RMA?



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