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Corsair Memory & HP Pavillion ze5700 Laptop


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Hi all,


I have been asked by a friend to upgrade the memory on their laptop (HP Pavillion ze5705EA). I used the memory configurator tool on the Corsair website which said I needed VS512SDS266. I proceeded to order 2 x 512MB modules for the laptop.


I've noticed that when both modules are inserted, the laptop randomly reboots or locks up. When it does this, there are no blue screens. However when the original HP module is inserted OR only *one* of the Corsair modules, the system runs fine.


I have tested each module individually with memtest86 and each module passed numerous times with no errors.


So why won't the two modules work together?


Thanks in advance,



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  • Corsair Employees

It sounds like you may need to reset the BIOS in order to make sure the new settings are being loaded properly by the system. One way to do that would be the following:


1. Remove all RAM

2. Power on system

3. Let it run for 20-30 seconds (system may power off prior to 20secs)

4. Remove battery and AC (to insure power is off)

5. Only install the Corsair RAM

6. Check if system is stable


Let us know if you still have problems!

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Thank you for your help. What you suggested appears to have resolved the problem. I ran the laptop last night for several hours without it freezing or rebooting once.


Thanks again for your help.



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Good Morning,


I'm reopening this topic as the issue with random rebooting is a problem. The laptop boots up and then can reboot at any time (within seconds of bootup or after a short while). As a test I have taken out the 2 x 512MB Corsair modules and put back in the 256MB HP module. The system has been running for over 30 minutes now on the old module. I will continue to run for a while on the old module to see if this cures the problem.





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  • Corsair Employees
I would see if you can isolate a single module which is causing the issues by testing each one individually in the system. If one works and the other does not, then we would want to replace them for you, however if both give you the same problems I would check to see if there are any BIOS updates available for your system.
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