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HX450 + 4850 CrossFire and OC


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Hi, I wanna know if I can use a HX450 on my system.

I make OC of my e5200 at 1.25 vcore and I wanna clock also my 4850s (w/o overvolt)


At default I think that hx450 it's ok, but in OC?..


Thanks in advance.

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..ok, I know..


..but I have a crossfire of 4850 not standard..

..the psu finder reports only standard edition..

..the vapor-x version needs minus watt..

..in oc the standard edition eat 210w..

..my release use 180w @ 100%..

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The PSU finder has a drop down box where you can select how many cards you will have in the system, unless you mean you are using one of the 4850X2 cards. Either way, with two cards and overclocking, we would recommend at least the HX520, but ideally the HX620 or higher would be recommended.
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