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Bad CMX256A-4000

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first of all sorry for my english ;)

i have a pair of CMX256A-4000 and a pair of CMX512-4000 PRO on a P4P800 SE with a CT-479 adapter for an intel M750 (this running 24/7 for a few years without problems)


today i have a system hang, and i can´t reboot them (when i turn on the pc, i see only a black screen).

with the pair of CMX512-4000 PRO the system turn on correctly and don't find error in memtest

With one module of the CMX256A-4000 (running only at 450 mhz, 2,75V By SPD and 3-4-4-8) memtest find an unespected error at 23% and freeze the computer

The other module do the black screen at start up, both modules look fine


i send the RMA but i have some cuestions


I´m from spain, where I have to send the memories? there are RAM suport in Spain?

there are replacement for this old modules?

i send the RMA before of i did test with memtest and i want to tell this new informatios :laughing: (Tech Support Express Case [956700] - RMA Request Received)


thaks for all and again I apologize for my English

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I sent two emails on Monday morning one to customerservice@corsair.com and another to rma@corsair.com and I have not responded (I have just received the email that I would respond in 24 hours), and my RMA continues in the same state (Defective Parts Received on: 19/05/2009)



there are any other way to know what happens with my RMA? (other than talking on the phone in English please :!oops: )




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