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MB compatability issue with VX550W?


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Are there any known compatability issues with the VX550W PSU and ASUS? I've heard rumors of this on a few other boards but would like to confirm. I have an ASUS A8M2N-LA


Last week I installed the VX550W PSU, Sapphire 4870 Toxic card, and 4GB of Corsair RAM on my HP m7750n


Here is a link to my post on HP forums. Basically by the end people are saying the PSU may be the culprit of my demise, or the video card. I have tested the PSU using a multimeter at my computer support shop where I work and the tests showed correct power from the PSU. So it's definitely working, and with correct voltage.


So is there an issue with the PSU and my motherboard? As it appears, I will have to get a new motherboard now...so what motherboard would you recommend with this PSU? At this point in my frustration I just want something tried and true so I can put all this behind me LOL.


Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. :)

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