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OC'd I7 & 3 x GTX 280 Tri Sli w HX 1kW


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Hey guys...looking to add a 3rd GTX 280 to my Rig, this 1kW going to cut the mustard?

My I7 is OC'd to 3.8 Ghz

All 3 GTX 280's will be OC'd to around 675 Mhz core

2 HD's

7 x 120 mm Fans


Here's roughly what I get:

3 x GTX 280's approx. 720W

1 I7 @ 3.8 Ghz approx 250W


Thats 970W...hows my math look...is it really cutting it that close?


Let me know what your thoughts are please.



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I would suspect that the HX1000 would power this configuration with no problems at all. The HX1000 is honestly a bit under-rated when it comes to total wattage output, so you will have a little bit more overhead than you expect.
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Well I just did. I hope it works.


So GFX card A is hard wired

GFX card B is in one blue slot vertically

GFX card C is in the second BLue SLot vertically




I will have enough juice for three of these under full load?


And an OC i7920 with 6 gigs triple channel and like 7 fans, 2 SSD's, and 4 conventional HD's?

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