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HX620W and APC Back-UPS RS 800 (BR800I)


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Hello to everyone!


Just asking a question: my system is working rock solid, never freezes, no problems at all. When black/brown-outs happen the UPS just kicks in fine. I do not hear any buzzes even with my ear close to the PSU, I do not experience flickering or instability whatsoever.


Still I've got this feeling that I should ask about compatibilility of these two components, because I've done lots of research and the situation is still not clear: the PSU is APFC and the UPS should be (I think) a stepped sine-wave one. Someone claims APC and Corsair fit well together no matter what, someone says I WILL have problems, someone says I should hear some buzzing coming out (and I never did). I know my UPS is a little short on raw power for this system but still... it works.


So what? Well I'm not experiencing problems, but I think I may be in the danger of missing something, due to the technicality of the topic and the various and often contrasting answers I've got, and I don't really want to be slowly damaging things along and maybe have my system/UPS/PSU/brain damaged in the long run :p:


Thanks for any advice, and yes I've searched the Corsair forums, among others, for answers about this, but as I said I don't seem to find some authoritative and concluding response.





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Hmm interesting. I was going to start a thread to ask for an UPS recommendation. I have a system that will probably pull approximately 800W due to being a Core i7 system with GTX 295 and some extra fan with front lcd fan controller. The PSU I've acquired is the Corsair TX 850. All I'm looking for now is an UPS.


I've been pondering on the APC Back-UPS RS 1500VA LCD, which is 865W. However it is not pure sine wave, so I was wondering if it'd pose a problem. It seems you have no problems, so I guess it'll be ok for me too? Hope so!

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There should be no problem using a stepped sine wave UPS, however some users have mentioned that the PSU can buzz when running on battery power. This is nothing to worry about and in most cases should be inaudible. It seems to occur mostly with high efficiency PSUs running on UPS' with out a true sine wave.
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