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Flash Voyager RIP = RMA

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Last week, under normal use and with no previous warning, my beloved 1GB Flash Voyager (G01G) stopped working at all: “USB Device Not Recognized”.

Since then, it refuses to work on any desktop or laptop (running XP, Vista, Ubuntu, Mandriva…). I’ve already tried with almost every recovering-formatting tool available on the internet, but because of this device is not even listed as “plugged in”, there’s nothing I can do for it.

Considering I bought this USB flash drive just a couple years ago and according to the warranty terms, I’d like to get it replaced.

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Filling out the RMA Request Form I've been asked for my device part number, so I looked down for it on the stick but I'm not sure wich one is the asked one... :confused:


Corsair Flash Voyager - 1GB

On the front:

  • G01G

  • NMB780294

On the back:

  • 07346022-0


Once again, I'd really aprecciate your help!

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