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Two, 4-pin power CPU connector question


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I'm new here and I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere, so I apologize.

I have the TX650W unit and it has been outstanding from day one.

I just replaced my ASUS mobo with an ASRock that has an 8-pin CPU connector.

The problem is that my Corsair has two, 4-pin plugs, but only on fits the 8-pin mobo connector.

I'm told that all eight pins should be utilized on this motherboard for increased CPU stability.


Would I be ok with just the one 4-pin plug connected, or do I really need the 8-pin plug?

If so, is there an adapter I can buy or will I have to get another PSU?



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What a noob, I got it all 8-pins connected.

When I started the build yesterday, the one 4-pin plug would just not fit.

I searched the forums here a bit more extensively today and found my answer.

The rounded pins do fit into the square holes on the 8-pin CPU MB connector.


Sorry about the alarmed post, now I'm gonna try to help the other poster with the same problem.



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