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ATX2 connector on 450HX


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Earlier today I was about to install my new 450HX.

I took out of the case the old PSU, attached the new one and... I noticed that half of the ATX2 cable did not match the connector on the mainboard.

In the first picture you can see the corsair connector, in the second the old psu connector (which has correct sequence of shapes to macth with the mainboard).

The wiring on the corsair seems fine (4 black cable on one row, 4 yellow on the other).

Can I use the new psu?



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The rounded pin will fit the square hole on the 8-pin motherboard connector.

I was faced with same problem during my new build yesterday:




Funny, I posted just after your post about the same problem.

Line them up and if it doesn't, switch them around and try again.

Trust me man, they both will fit on your 8-pin CPU mobo connector.

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The rounded connectors should still only work when installed in a certain position. Just line up the latch on the cable with the proper side of the connector on the board and you should be good to go! Let us know if you have any problems!
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