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Counterfeit Corsair 64 GB on Amazon?


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I am concerned the Corsair 64 GB flash voyager I ordered from a Seller on Amazon is counterfeit.


It does not work right, which prompted my concern.


I compared it to another Corsair 64 GB flash drive, and there is a noticable size difference. Is Corsair now making the newest 64 GB drives smaller?


Attached are photos. The suspect flash drive is the smaller one circled in red. Also included is a photo of the backside of the packaging. The packaging has official looking serial numbers and states "Ensamblado on CHINA".


Is it counterfeit?



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  • Corsair Employees


We are looking into your case now and I will post on your thread shortly.

In LawnBoy's case the drive he got was smaller and that specific drive is not made in China, however the smaller drives may be made in China so we need to check further in your case to be sure.

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