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32 GB Survivor too slow?


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I bought my 32 GB Survivor flash drive a month ago through ebay. It was a brand new drive.


Have been using it since then, I had already used about 12 GB and last night I experienced it was turning really slow to continue using it.


After reading this forum I did the bench things and I also formated it with the SDFormatter tool mentioned at this forum.


The benchs I got were these:


Before formatting:





After formatting:




I think this is very slow. Please let me know if I can do something to improove it.




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Ok, I guess the drive is not bad. I'm now testing it on my Linux Debian box, and it works fine here, as it was when I loaded the first 12 GBs on it.


The problem has obviously been found when trying to use it with my notebook on Win XP.


I will make further tests on other PCs with different OS to find out what was wrong.


Making a copy from my notebook to the drive of a file of 350MB took around 15 minutes or more, which is I think a lot more than regular (0,38 MB/sec).


Now from my Linux desktop it seems to be able to copy 10 GB in 50 minutes (3,33 MB/sec). Much better.


Thanks for fast answer and sorry if it was my fault and not the drive's.




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