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TX850W very annoying fan noise


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I got a TX850W model couple days ago. I heard it was supposed to be quiet (I had hx520w before and it was really silent) and for the price it looked great.


From first power up I noticed how the fan makes really annoying sound + some constant high pitched sound as well.


I know its the PSU as I turned off all my fans and also tried with the old PSU and the noise was gone.


The fan makes same noise as in this video, but a bit louder


please forward to 4:20


its quite loud and I can hear it clearly over all my other fans and even with my headset on. I put the PC under my table but its still annoying the crap out of me. I thought the PSU was going to be quiet like advertized but this is making me think I really should have gone Enermax instead. (judging by the review it seems the fan in this model makes this kind of sound so RMA would be impossible to the store were I bought it, they are really picky about these things).

And all I know I could very well get a PSU that makes same noise.


I was really happy with the HX520W but annoyed and very dissippointed with the TX850W. :mad:


edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghfbkh2_F9Y

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