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RMA turn around times


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Hello all :)


Recently my 520HX has been turning my computer off randomly (for the last two weeks). Last week I woke up and tried to turn on my computer and it turned on for less than a second and then nothing. I removed my 520HX PSU and used my tester on it, it starts up but gets crazy low voltage, so low that the fan barely spins.


I requested an RMA, sent my product in, and saw that it was recieved by Corsair today.


Will Corsair email me and let me know whats going on? Will they tell me when and if they send a replacement out? What is the general turn around time on getting a replacement? Should I expect it within a week or a few weeks? And again, Im sorry if I sound impatient asking this question, just want to know if I should buy a new PSU or wait it out a few more days waiting on my return.


Thanks for any answers!

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  • Corsair Employees
Yes once it is processed you will get an email confirming that we received it and then once the order is in the system and a Tracking number is generated you will get another email. And the average time is about 7-10 days or US RMA's and 7-15 Days for international RMA's
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