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780i with corsair 8500C5 DF MHz question


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I have had this computer since november 2008 and all is running fine i looked on the bios the other day and realised my ram which is ment to be running at 1066mhz is only running at 800mhz am i fine with the XFX 780i mobo to just stick it to the 1066 or is there something else i need to change too ?
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Unlink the memory, set it to 1066Mhz and set the timings to 5-5-5-15 2T. Set the memory voltage to 2.1v and the nForce MCP to 1.30v.


Download Memtest86+ V2.11 from--->

Download CPU-z from--->

Insert a single stick in the Slot 1 (Closest to the CPU) and enter your BIOS. Load Setup Defaults. Save Setup Defaults and set to these values:

Advanced BIOS Features

System Clocks

CPU Freq. MHz = 2.40Ghz
CPU Muliplier = 9
PCIe x16, MHz = 100
SPP<->MCP Ref Clock, MHz = 200

nForce SPP --> nForce MCP = 5x
nForce SPP <-- nForce MCP = 5x

FSB & Memory Config

SLI-Ready Memory = Disable
FSB -  Memory Clock Mode = unLinked
FSB (QDR), MHz = 1066Mhz
MEM (DDR), MHz = 800Mhz

Memory Timing Section

Memory Timing Section = Expert
tCL = 5
tRCD =  5
tRP = 5
tRAS = 15
Command Per Clock = 2T

Advanced Memory Settings

tRRD = Auto
tRC = Auto
tWR = Auto
tREF = Auto

CPU Configuration

Limit CPUID MaxVal = Disabled
Intel Speedstep = Disabled
CPU Thermal Control = Enabled
C1E Enhanced Halt State = Disabled
Execute Disabled Bit = Enabled
Virtualization Technology = Enabled

System Voltages

CPU Core = Auto
Memory Voltage = 2.1v
CPU FSB = Auto 	
nForce MCP = 1.30v	
HT nForce SPP <-> MCP = Auto

After setting to these values, save them, shut down, insert the second stick in the slot 3 and boot to the Memtest ISO. Allow for two full passes and if stable, enter Windows. Run CPU-z. Post the CPU, SPD and Memory tabs.

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