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VS8GSDSKIT800D2 CL6 or CL5 ?


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im wondering about the VS8GSDSKIT800D2 (ValueSelect Laptop Ram).

I found on the web almost all stores offering this Kit as CL5 while the Corsair website says CL6.


Are there both Versions avaible, and is there a way to check wether the actual Modul is CL6 or CL5?


With best regards



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thanks alot for the answer Ram Guy,

although i've no clue what 'IC' means (well, unless a train type in germany is ment)


is there a way to check wether i got a Cas 6 or Cas 5 module?



thanks alot, and best regards



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hey ram guy,


thanks for the link. although its quite alot to go through..

i've to admit, that im more into software than hardware .)


in any case, my main interest is knowing wether the modules are cl5 like the dealer promised or cl6 like i suspect. in the later case i'd expect the dealer to give me small price cut.


or isnt there a definite answer on the cl5 / cl6 question?


cheers, and thanks



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NP please let me know if you have any more questions!


Ok, under normal circumstances it may be absolutely unimportant if some has CL6 or CL5. Unfortunately there are some very sad exceptions...


So, if I cannot set any RAM parameters in the BIOS, or when there simply don't exist any "classical BIOS", - what can I do if my system doesn't boot or work instable with CL5?


Absolutely nothing... :mad:


An example of such a problematic situation is the iMac line from Apple. These systems are highly "choosy" and simply don't want boot with higher frequency RAM modules. So, an iMac 7,1 (2007) will work only with SO-DDR2 667 but NOT or NOT STABLE with SO-DDR2 800. Generally it wouldn't start up, or only if I install an slower module. But until now, that combination won't work stable.


A similar problem belongs to the iMac 8,1 (2008) line and the CAS Latency. CL5 Modules are known to be much more instable within these Machines, - especially with higher memory capacity.


As a result, several reports in the web confirm that most Corsair VS8GSDSKIT800D2 (with CL5) will NOT work, while KVR800D2S6K2/8G (with CL6) from Kingston will work. :mad:


It's really regrettably that Corsair does not offer here officially two CAS Latency versions of this RAM. Until now I only found CL5 version even if the retailer has described them as CL6! :evil: All in all very frustrating...

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Unfortunately 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2-SODIMM's are "rarely qualified". Acer for example does not support officially 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2-SODIMM on most of their Aspire

DDR2 line. Nevertheless AMD officially support 8GB (2x 4GB) RAM on its Turion 64 CPU's, - so 8GB (2x 4GB) works perfectly.


The situation is similar by Apple's DDR2 iMac (2007/2008) line. Apple doesn't "support" 8GB (2x 4GB) RAM while Intel (the chipset producer) support it (on their chipset).


As mentioned, there are several reports that 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2-SODIMM are possible at these iMac line, but only with CL6 latency! Unfortunately the only clearly CL6 modules are these KVR800D2S6K2/8G (2x 4GB), every other manufacturer offers a CL5/CL6 "mix" like Corsair.

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Sory for my misleading English. I mean 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR2 SO-DIMM's. (There will never be 8GB single DDR2 SO-DIMM's...)


However, certified modules are available up to a maximum of 4GB (2x 2GB). Larger sizes where at the time of the production of these DDR2 platforms NOT available, - as a result these are NOT certified and are NOT officially supported. But in most cases they run perfectly, - as my Turion 64 example shows.


As mentioned, there are some sad exceptions. On the most DDR2 iMac line (2007/2008) CL5 8GB (2x 4GB) SO-DIMM's wont work stable, - CL6 is absolutely needed.


And that's the effective "scandal"! Why no vendor / manufacturer (with one exception) offers also an CL6 line of these 8GB (2x 4GB) SO-DDR2 DIMM's? :evil:

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