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Faulty RAM

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Welp, looks like I've got some faulty RAM again x.x


The RAM I have is a TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF, a 2x2GB PC2-8500 set with Airflow Fan.


A while back I had my RAM RMA'd for some new sticks, which worked fine for a while. A few weeks ago however, the machine crashed and then would not boot with my LCD Poster hanging at the "Detect DRAM" stage, and then taking out my 4GB kit and putting in some older RAM (still Corsair of course XD) worked perfectly. I meant to RMA the RAM back then but I never got the time.


2 days ago I put the 4GB kit back into my machine, and it booted perfectly fine. I overclocked the RAM up to the 1066 speeds (manufacturer tested) and ran MEMTEST a few times with no errors, so I shrugged my shoulders and carried on. Last night however I got a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA bsod, and after a reboot my Desktop Window Manager wouldn't load. I shutdown the machine, put the old RAM in and worked fine. Put the 4GB kit back in and same problem again, though MEMTEST didn't find any errors, but my machine only has problems with the 4GB kit inserted. I put in my old 2GB kit, in the same slots as the 4GB kit, and that kit works absolutely fine.


And as a little aside, I'm still having a problem with the high pitched whining on my airflow fan. Before it generally did it only during boot, however when I first put it on this time, it was making the high pitched whining noise even when just running in Windows, not running any apps.


So basically, looks like my 4GB kit is faulty x.x so I think I need to RMA my RAM and Airflow Fan. Phew, long post over with at last.

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