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Problems with TR3X6G1600C8D

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First of all, sorry for my english, I`m from Spain and my english is not very good.


I bought two months ago a new computer, Asus Rampage 2 Extreme, with I7 920, and this 6gb kit from corsair, everything was Ok until two weeks ago that the Pc was starting to give me some Blue Screens, since then I start to do a lot of test on the computer, at the begining I though it was the GPU but I try one from a friend and was doing the same the computer, I also chage the PSU and make a lot of test to the computer.


The thing is that if I run Memtest86+ in the computer it doesn't show any errors, but after a few runs the computer reboot and didn't start again after I wait a while. I look at my temps to see if something overheated but averything was Ok, at least the things i can monitor the temps. I have LC on CPU adn MB and the temps are from 32 in idle to 44 in full on the CPU, NB and SB from 35 to 41. The GPU has a Thermalright TRad with two 9cm fan on it running fom 45 to 60 degrees. After a cloose look I see that te mems were the things that overheater. If I put a regular 12cm fan on top of them de blue screes go away, but is strange I need to do that with a Corsair mem kit when I put a normal OEM 6Gb Kit on it and works flawless.


I send the mems were I bought them and they test them and tell me there were Ok, It seesm is like a compability problem with my MB or something, The MB and the MEM and from diferent retailers, and they didn´t give me any solutions. But I'm 99% sure it should be the ram wy with a regular OEM kit the computer works right

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