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Memory warranty dilemma with pic


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Hi guys,

I will make this story as brief as possible and try to insert a picture in the hope of obtaining some advice.

My system as per my profile has been running perfectly for near enough 12 months. A couple of weeks ago the system didnt POST on a first attempt but since it did upon reset I thought nothing of it. A few days later the problem repeated and then a few days after that and so on. I suspected a problem but the very intermittent nature would have made trouble shooting difficult and RAM was not my first suspicion. The time between occurrence gradually reduced down to every time the computer was booted from cold. So the trouble shooting began with the removal of all components except RAM, CPU and 1 VGA card. But still no cold POST and no error codes. Removal of VGA, still nothing. Removal of the 4 sticks of Corsair resulted in the motherboard generating error beeps. I reinstalled the memory 1 stick at a time in slot 1 and 3 POSTed no problem but the 4th stick would not POST regardless of the slot it was inserted into.


I RA'd the stick through the local distributor(Australia) and was informed that they needed the faulty stick and its mate from the matched pair to be returned. No problem but the OS doesn't run well with 2GB of RAM so I ordered a 4GB kit of Dominator(2x2GB) and installed that in my machine and reassembled everything which all worked perfectly and proceeded to return the faulty memory pair. No further issues have developed with the PC. I previously had no problems when I had to return a dead Flash Voyager which was replaced promptly with a unit that has been faultless ever since so I wasn't overly concerned with the warranty process.


Everything was fine until I received an email and enclosed picture informing me the RA was rejected because of physical damage, a missing component on one of the modules. I'm not even sure that the damaged one is the one that was faulty as I am waiting for them to be returned to me before I can test.


Since I doubt the component would have just fallen off in the machine, which is rack mounted on slide rails, I can only assume either I did it during trouble shooting, it was done in transit(bubble wrapped and hand delivered) or occurred at the distributor. In either of these cases it seems unlikely it was the cause of the original issue.


Which leaves me with this dilemma, if I had the component I have the skills to resolder it, but in doing so would surely void any hope of warranty and I am convinced it would not solve the original problem. If the damaged module is not the faulty one, then I now have 2 dead sticks, one void of warranty because of the damage and one void of warranty because its mate is physically damaged.


I'm kind of resigned to cutting my losses but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Corsair Employees

I know it would be costly if it is rejected but the only way would be for us to inspect the modules. However, in 99% of cases like these we will just replace the modules so please follow these steps and see what happens.

Let's get them replaced, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them.
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RMA Issued On: 4/28/2009

Defective parts were retrieved by me from the local distributor : 5/1/2009

Defective parts forwarded to Corsair US, standard Australia Post: 5/4/2009

Defective Parts Received by Corsair on: 5/12/2009

Replacement parts received at my home on: 5/15/2009


The replacement parts were sent direct from Taiwan to Australia which saved time on the return trip.


Replacement parts work just fine, problem solved.


Just a note that even though all has been attended to more promptly than expected, the status of the RMA on the website is still stalled at the "item received by Corsair" stage.


Many thanks.

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