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HX620 and Pseudo-sinewave UPS problem


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Hi to all.

I have a Corsair HX620 PSU and I'm really happy about it: it's noiseless and rock-solid but I have a problem with this psu attached to my current UPS. I have an APC BackUPS CS 500VA which is a pseudo sine-wave ups. The problem is that when the battery of the ups goes on, the psu automatically reset itself (the pc power off for 2-3 seconds and then automatically power on again). This behavior occours even with the pc in idle (so I don't think it's a case of overload). I would like to know first of all if i risk to damage the psu and then if is there a workaround to solve the problem (maybe buy a true sinewave ups?). I think it's the active pfc+pseudo sinewave combo that it's causing the problem but i'm not really sure about it. I'm on the 50Hz land (Europe).

Reading the forum, seems that this psu can work with a pseudo-sinewave ups but seems a bit risky. Any suggestions?

Thanks! Really appreciate!

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You´ve right the BackUPS Series has no real sine wave, therefore you WILL get problems with this PSU on this UPS.....


For PSU with active PFC you should only use the SmartUPS series.


As you know a BackUPS 500 has only 300 Watt (don´t mess up VA with Watt !!!!)

I suggest to have about 25% Headroom: 500 Watt PSU + 25% -> 750Watt UPS

I think you should be fine with a SmartUps 1000 or better a Smart UPS 1500

don´t use the SC series (they have also only modified sine waves) if you want realtime Protection

use the RT Series.


Hope i could help (i am from Germany i have 50Hz at 230Volt too)

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