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hx-620, lots of hds


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will the hx-620 be able to run this comfortably?


Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R

Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF

Gigabyte GTX260 GV-N26OC-896H

Intel Core2Duo E8400


WD 320G Blue (WD3200AAKS) x2

WD 1TB Black (WD1001FALS) x2

WD 1TB Green (WD10EADS) x2

WD 2TB Green (WD20EADS) x2



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Modern PSUs have plenty of power on the +12v line. However, HDs pull from this and the +5v line. The 620HX has up to 30A available on the +5v line. Current HDs use less than 1A on the +5v in use.... except on spin-up. They probably use closer to 1.5-2A when they first start up. On server, they have an option for delay startup of HDs to stagger this momentary power draw.


That being said.... 30A should be fine for 8 hard drives. If you had 12-15, then I would start to be careful.

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