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-12volt problem?


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Hello; I have a Corsair TX850 which has been running fine for about two weeks now. No problems with my computer either, However, upon using "Speed Fan", I noticed that the -12 voltage reading is -16.9v!

All others seems ok

Vcore1 1.18 Vcore2 1.82 +3.3=2.99 +5=5 +12=12.10 (-12=-16.9)

-5=-5.36 +5=+5.05

Should I be concerned about that -12 volt reading? I get the same thing from HWMonitor.

Please explain what could be causing the off reading, maybe one of my video cards? Otherwise all runs well. PSU runs ultra cool and noiseless. My top Graphics board does run up to 10 degrees hotter than the first, but then it also did this with my 750 watter.

Please Advise


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Most software and BIOS readings are not very accurate, especially when measuring negative voltage rails. Keep in mind that the readings read by software are not coming from the PSU itself, but rather the voltage output from the board after the PSUs power has been regulated. If the system is operating properly then I would suspect the reading is just incorrect, and I wouldn't worry about it.
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